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Panorama Software Tests

Test Panorama Stitched using PTGui Software

Test Panorama using PTGui Software

[Note the test picture is watermarked since I used a trial version of PTGui.]

I took the 40 12.1 megapixel shots that are used in the panorama using f/11 1/50th sec which was not quite deep enough depth of field so at full size there is a little fuzziness. PTGui 8.3.10 (currently at approximately $115) from ptgui.com did a good job AUTOMATICALLY stitching all the pix together anyway. It took about 4 hours to stitch the approximately 26000 by 8000 pixel panorama 8bit (24bit) color uncompressed TIFF using one of the rectangular projections on a 4GB RAM AMD 64 X2 2+ Ghz system (I had to go away from the computer so I didn’t get an exact time).

I liked PTGui’s previews of the effects of the various projections and other settings. I don’t understand the significance of the projections, I picked the one which looked most like my memory of the scene. I am not sure I’d buy the software since I don’t currently want to do that many panoramas but it seems to be worth its price for the settings’ preview feature, automatic stitching and its ability to deal with slightly out of focus inputs. It allows a variety of input formats including png, jpeg & 8bit and 16bit tiff and outputs in JPEG and 8bit and 16bit TIFFs with various TIFF options. I am not sure which RAW (or DNG) format inputs it accepts.

Overall I really like PTGui compared to Photoshop for panoramas. It handles files twice as big as Photoshop does and maybe even larger. Even if you are looking to make much smaller panoramas than my test set, PTGui is easier to use and get the kind of output you expect/want than Photoshop. I wish Photoshop 32bit could handle all the options PTGui can, and that it had previews before stitching like PTGui. (I didn’t test more capable PTGui Pro.)

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